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in the Perfect Cock Line!

No Surprise!    “Blue Ace” is Dam to The Perfect Cock
“Blue Ace” – 1st Ace Bird, 2004 Europa Classic Series
$20,000 + New Car – SIX RACES, 60 to 300 – 1,600 Birds / 10 Countries
Money Race Winnings … just a Sampling
 I have not kept up with them all:

·       1st (equal) Kansas Prairie Classic One Loft Race (USA) 300 mile 2011. (Inbred "Shadow" x "Blue Ace")

·       1st (equal) American International One Loft Race (300 miles) 2011 (Inbred "Shadow" x "Blue Ace")

·       1st (equal) America’s International One Loft Race (346 miles / 556 km) 2012 (Inbred "Shadow" x "Blue Ace")

·       1st Open N.F.C. National from Messac 7,000 birds 2009 (won by Wearn Bros granddaughter “Blue Ace”)

  I’m going to begin tracking them this year…

·       BREAKING: 2016 Plymouth Peak 174 Miles:  1st, 2nd, and 4th – all down from “The Perfect Cock”

Nov 7, 2015
Tribute from a first-time customer:  
“Last year in my club I had 1st Ave Speed, 1st Ch Loft, 1st Champion Bird.  All those breeders have been eliminated!  Your stock is so superior that it made them obsolete.   They will be replaced by latehatches and the seven birds that I received from you already.  David, one of the ½ brothers out of the 126 YC out of Jumpin’ Jack/118 was 1st again at 250 miles: 1st club, 12th combine, 1444 YPM.  He beat my club by 1.5 hours!  My new birds raised out of your stock are so quick in the loft I can hardly catch them.  And when I do catch them I can hardly hold them they're so strong.  If anybody told me there were any birds out there with these qualities I wouldn't believe it.  I have to say these are the best birds I've ever seen in the last 50 years I've been playing with birds!”

Breeding from  

The Perfect Cock - foundation to many, many U.S.and Canadian lofts;
More Perfect
Jumpin' Jack
The Emerald Hen

AND from the very, very Best of
Golden Gaby
Gaby 701

Also breeding Perfect Grizzles and other Excellent Birds.

David Trunnell
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