I’ve just not kept track of the many wins reported on my birds – I’ve been so damn busy breeding from 70 of the best Mark Evans I could buy.  I’ve assumed you would understand when I say, most sincerely: “The Perfect Cock is the Foundation to MANY, MANY lofts across the U.S.!”  And, “The Emerald Hen and Jumpin’ Jack have put SO many birds at the very Top of the Race Sheet – and are Breeders of Breeders!”  

One of my other favorite Tributes
Last year from a first-time customer:  “I just had to call you.  Man! I can’t believe how incredible that bird is you sent me!  That bird would NEVER have left my loft!  Thank you!”

Additional customer comments

“That Hen, the daughter of Lady Perfect, bred me an outright 400 Mile YB Winner.”  - Customer in the SW

“The daughter of Tenacity 142 is a, ‘Once In A Lifetime Bird’ for me – NO!  I will not send her back to you to inbreed with the Perfect Cock – Sorry, no!” – Customer in CA

“I’m getting rid of my other two families – only the Evans Vandenabeeles now.” – Customer in the South

“Your birds are SO superior, – I’ve gotten rid of everything else.  …and they have won Ch Bird, Ave Speed, etc. for me! SO much better than any I’ve had in my 50 years.” – new Customer

“That son of Jumpin’ Jack is STILL my favorite of all the great birds I’ve handled for you!” – Steve Cappellini, Boston

“I never had the right pigeons to win races till I got yours.” – new Customer in OH

“Best pigeons I’ve Ever had!” – customer in MA

“The Vandenabeeles down from Shadow are the best I have ever flown, bar none.” – Friend

“I bred 1st GNEO with a bird I got from you; it won flying into a tough NNE headwind vs. 800, 57 Lofts.” – Flyer in Ohio
“Your birds fly high right away on settling – I like that!” – Flyers in Maine and Ohio
“I got rid of all my other breeders, but for the Evans Gaby’s – nothing else compares.” – Flyer in the South
“I won money in 3 races with youngsters bred from that granddaughter of The Perfect Cock – what do you have out of Davina?”
“Besides The Perfect Cock stuff, the Pre-Olympic and Golden Gaby is winning a lot.”  Flyer in the South

Collection of prospects and customer comments:

“They don’t require as much training to get into condition!"
"They Just… Keep… Comin’!!"
"I see they're winnin’ a Lot!"

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