Mark Evans: "The Perfect Cock is the only bird I considered bringing back to
England and I would have, but I have 26 brothers and sisters to him out of Shadow!!
 We believe Shadow is the greatest breeding cock in the world!"

Current Breeders - a small selection…

COCKS . . .

"King of England"
Son of New Bandiet x National Carrie
 No.1 Evans Breeding Hen

KING OF ENGLAND – GB-92529-Z-2016 BPdC Son of the Evans Super Breeding gr’son of Gaby’s Bliksem, and sire of 8, 1st place winners for Mark. King of England’s dam is the elite, National Carrie, “Our #1 Breeding Hen!” per Mark. The King of England’s Sire and Dam are responsible for multiple, major winners for Mark Evans and others; including Lady Lucas scoring 1st National Guernsey (~300 Miles), then 6 days later,
2nd National Guernsey, but on the drop with her nestmate!

The King of England is a small, SUPER athletic type. He was specially selected by Mark this year to represent the best of his U.S. offering at the iPigeon Gala with a Complete Guarantee to breed at the top!

“The Perfect Cock”
One of the Greatest breeders of all time

The PERFECT COCK - GB-19010-T-05 - Pencil - Son of the Evans, Shadow.  Mark Evans says, Shadow is the greatest breeder to come out of Gaby Vandenabeele's loft.
The PERFECT COCK is a Champion Breeder of the highest rank and with multiple hens.  He is the best breeding son of Shadow in North America!
When you handle The PERFECT COCK one of the first things you notice is just how very strong he is!  Even his beak strength when you try to hold it and when you try to open it.  He is medium in size, balsam in weight, not heavily muscled, with thick soft feather; a welded, pair-of-pliers keel/vent bones.  
When you observe him moving around, approaching for food, or flying to his bull pen, trying to get to his many hens, you see how very, very smart he is.  
Now you can understand better why The PERFECT COCK is the foundation to many, many lofts in the U.S.  I've stopped counting and tracking the wins he's responsible for.


"Pre-Olymic 128"
Direct son of Pre-Olymic & Wittenbuik Princess
Pre-Olympic 128 - GB14C30128 BBC Direct son of Pre-Olympic and Wittenbuik Princess.  Pre-Olympic was, "The best Dutch racer of his decade!"  The blood of the great Gaby, Wittenbuik is strong in Pre-Olympic 128 - Wittenbuik is in Pre-Olympic's pedigree twice and in Wittenbuik Princess's pedigree twice as well.  Pre-Olympic 128 is graded a perfect 10 by Steve Cappellini.   (Please see the Evans icon below for more on, Pre-Olympic.)

Just arrived at!
 " Producer 692"

Sire: “Producer” GB08L36276 (M & D. Evans) This cock was bred by Mark Evans at Myrtle Lofts and sold as a young bird to Bob Short (UK) where he became the No 1. Breeder of his loft. He bred 18 x 1st prize winners for Bob Short. Myrtle Lofts then purchased the "Producer" back at Bob's Entire Clearance Sale."Producer" is a direct son from the Super breeding pair "Royce Fideel" x "Golden Shadow" parents to over four generations of winners. “Rolls Fideel” is a direct son from “Rolls Royce”. This cock only raced in 3 National races (All in head winds) winning 2nd National Picauville 4,154 birds beaten by a loft mate when both birds dropped together. 33rd National Thorness 5,617 birds, 50th National La Ferte Bernard 7,017 birds.



Sire: “Eisenhower”, SUPER BREEDER and heir to Shadow as #1 Evans Breeding Cock

Dam: “Olympic 500”, dau, Hit Pair: Pre Olympic X Davina

IKE has the strength and vitality you expect in the Shadow Line. He is a very intelligent bird, already breeding well, and has one of the best pedigrees in the world.

 HENS . . .

Mark Evans writes: “The “Queen of England” was the best young hen that I bred in 2015. To me she is perfect in every way possible. Thank you for your trust and confidence in me and thank you for making that final bid. She is one Super Pigeon.!

“Dark Blend” GB15 Z 87820 was bred by Mark Evans.  A super young hen full of National winning bloodlines. Dark Blend is a direct daughter from, “Leading Light”, winner of 1st National Caranten 3,554 birds, when paired to, "Ultimate Blend" daughter of the super breeding pair, "Late Zwarten" x "Tamara" from the loft of Rudi De Saer, Belgium.
“Dark Blend'
Comes To David Trunnell Lofts!!

Sire:  “Leading Light”, GB13Z31803 winner of 1st Section/Zone 486 birds, and 1st National Caranten 3,554 birds by 27 ypm racing into a head wind.  Other Prizes and Awards include 1st RPRA East Midlands Award, 2nd RPRA East Midlands Middle Distance Award, 2nd Single Bird Open Race; plus several other prizes at Club & Federation level. “Leading Light” is inbred to the Super Racer & Super Breeder, “Pre Olympic".  Pre-Olympic is grandsire to 4 x 1st National winners in the just the last 3 years.

Dam: "Ultimate Blend”, Belg.14.3115709 (100% Gaby Vandenabeele) bred by Rudi De Saer.
Ultimate Blend is a direct daughter from super breeding pair, "Late Zwarten" x "Tamara" who are parents to the following performances:
1st Nat. Z. Argenton 1,648 birds; 6th Nat. Limoges 18,390 birds; 8th Prov. Tours 6,400 birds; 8th National  Limoges 14,673 birds; 9th National Z. Gueret 2,222 birds; and 10th National La Souterraine 11,236 birds.

Golden Davina"
My favorite import hen

Graded a “10” by Steve Cappellini
Mark Evans Gaby Vandenabeeles
SIRE: The Mark Evans ‘Absolute PHENOM’, “Golden Gaby” – Superstar Racer/Superstar Breeder
DAM: The Mark Evans Foundation Hen, “Davina” – her nestmate, Mister Argenton sold for over $13,000; her son, Yula sold for over $20,000; her son, Arsjavin sold for $11,000.  “Davina” is inbred Wittenbuik + Amocachi (Shadow’s Super Racer brother).

Pretty Perfect - 81-TRUNNELL-IF-2013 MedBCH out of two of my best - and she is a beautiful bird in the loft and in the hand. In her first year she bred = 1st 150, Boston Concourse, 792 Birds, 48 Lofts, 1328 YPM, mated to Son of Gold above.  Pretty Perfect's sire is More Perfect - 3 from 2 H's to race in Boston and all three were Top Champion Birds, including a 1st 300.  Dam of Pretty Perfect is The Ugly Bastard, super, super foundation daughter of Golden Gaby and Carrie.  

"Bet The Lofts” 148-TRUNNELL-IF-2015  BBH . Bet The Lofts has just incredible type and character.  She has SUPER athletic type.  She was a Superstar in my own little one loft testing of latehatches – always fit, always a super athletic type.  She was the first back from smash toss.  What a PEACH; what a torpedo type.  When stocked to the extra hen pen she immediately claimed her perch - Great Passion and Character for YB racing! Sire:  Pre-Olympic 128, son of Pre-Olympic, greatest Dutch Racer of his decade. Dam:  All Perfect, 1038-GNEO-AU-2014:  3rd 150, =1st 200, 1st Loft 150, AND 8th 300 GNEO - vs. 856 Birds and 57 Lofts into a NNE Headwind!

Gone, but still Impacting…


GOLDEN KOLONEL - 889-GFL-AU-05 - Pencil - Golden Kolonel was a grandson of Kolonel, THE Golden Thread coming off Wittenbuik in many of today's greatest Gaby's, and he was a grandson of the incredible, Golden Mattens on the other side.
Bill Tadlock gave him to me with this tribute: "He bred an outright winner in a Vegas 360, and many other good birds for me." Golden Kolonel, just like, The Perfect Cock and Jumpin' Jack above, was prepotent SUPER breeder of winners and breeders with multiple hens. He was small, balsam weight, and tough as nails against cocks twice his size - the true grit YB racers need for motivation to fly home to perch or mate!


The PERFECT HEN - 19007-GB-T-05 Blue - Champion Breeder with multiple cocks.  Sire: Joe Jones "Has bred a winner in every nest!" [Recorded: 2000 through 2005], and Dam: Uno Hen "Purchased from the Armstrong Sale for huge sum of money as a proven foundation breeder." The Perfect Hen was a strong medium size; very, very strong - well-muscled yet not heavy, with great feather, never sick, and very determined without being wild!

The Ugly Bastard - 62549-GB-Z-06 BCH  So beautiful, Mark Evans facetiously nicknamed her this.  She is a Champion Breeder with multiple cocks, for multiple generations.  She is quite beautiful in the loft and hand - and never sick - and what a lover - she sometimes lays a 3rd egg about Day 4!  No better blood, no better breeder, no better athletic type.  From the Evans partnership: This pair, Jumpin' Jack and Ugly Bastard, has bred a ton of winners and more importantly like the rest of Mark Evan's birds the line holds generation after generation."  I can't say enough about the prepotency of this hen!  She is now owned by Dennis Martinen.

Death of the Legend “CHAMPION SHADOW”

Death of the Legend “CHAMPION SHADOW” Belg.95.3211313 at the staggering age of 21 years old.

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of the World Famous Icon and Legend.
One of the world’s most phenomenal pigeons to have ever lived.

Please view the following link for more details:
“Champion Shadow”
SUPER, SUPER BREEDER. Over six generations of winners Including over 30 x 1st Open winners at Classic & National racing
His descendants have won:
1st National Alencon 6,823 birds
1st National Messac 7,000 birds
1st National Angers 5,977 birds
1st National Eastbourne 7,312 birds
1st National Lillers 10,601 birds
1st National Vire 4,756 birds       
1st National Bordeaux 1,339 birds
1st National Nants 10,148 birds
1st National Maidstone 4,472 birds
1st National Guernsey 2,433 birds
1st National Clermont 5,434 birds
1st National Fougeres 1,427 birds
1st National Carentan 5,103 birds
1st National Alencon 6,590 birds
1st National Tours 4,315 birds
1st National Picauville 3,192 birds



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